Maa Baglamukhi Pujan

Maa Bagalamukhi

Maa Baglamukhi also spelled as “Bagala” is one of the most powerful goddess who stands eighth amongst the Dus Mahavidyas. She is known as the wisdom goddess and can paralyze and control the enemies who try to harm Her devotees. Due to these powers, Maa Bagalamukhi is also referred to as goddess of Stambhana. The word “Bagala” is acquired from the word “Vagla” meaning bridle. The word “Vagla” then came to be called as “Bagala”.

Goddess Bagalamukhi is known by 108 names. In Northern part of India, Maa Bagalamukhi is often revered to as “Pitambari Maa”. Apart from this, She is also addressed as Brahmastra Roopini, Pitambaradevi and Shatrubuddhivinashini

Maa Bagalamukhi Iconography

According to the iconography as mentioned in the Tantrasara, Bagulamukhi mata is depicted sitting over a golden throne amidst the ocean in a beautiful altar. She has a yellowish complexion which looks like gold, draped in yellow saree and golden ornaments; She is seen adorning a garland of yellow flowers.

Portrayed pulling the tongue of a demon with Her left hand while raising a club to strike the demon with Her right hand, Maa Bagalamukhi is associated with Yellow colour and this colour plays a pivotal role while worshipping Her.

According to another description, Mata Bagalamukhi is portrayed having the third eye and four arms with a yellow crescent moon on her forehead. Her iconography commonly depicts Her with a human head but sometimes Goddess Bagalamukhi is shown having a crane head.

Maa Bagalamukhi History

Goddess Bagalamukhi story is very interesting and there are many legends of How She appeared. According to one of the Legends, long time ago in Satya Yug a raging storm came on Earth. The storm was so powerful that it destroyed everything that came in its way. Mother Earth and all the living species on the planet were endangered.

Observing that the condition was becoming worst, Lord Vishnu started performing austerities on the Haridra Sarovar shore to Goddess Tripura Sundari to take charge of the situation and to stop the storm from further destruction. Pleased by the austerities of Lord Vishnu, the Goddess emerged from the lake of turmeric in the form of Goddess Bagalamukhi. She calmed the gushing storm and thus saved Mother Earth from destruction and restored the order of the universe.

There is another legend which states that, there was a demon named Madan, He had acquired the boon of Vak- siddhi according to which anything he said came true. Madan misused this boon and troubled humans and also killed them. Terrified by the demon all the Gods ran to Goddess Bagalamukhi to seek help. The Goddess grabbed the tongue of demon Madan and immobilised it and raised Her left hand to slay Him with a club.

Maa Bagalamukhi Temple

The Kamakhya Temple situated in Guwahati is known to have temples of all the Mahavidyas. On a distance of few meters there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Bagalamukhi. Other temples of Bagulamukhi Mata are found at Pathankot Mandi highway NH20, at Kotla and Bankhandi Himachal Pradesh in the north.

The temples of Goddess Bagalamukhi are also built at badowan, a village near Mahilapur district at Hoshiarpur Punjab. Also, at Nalkheda at Agar Malwa district in Madhya Pradesh, the temples of Bagulamukhi Mata are found. Thus, the most famous temples of Bagala Mata are situated at Kamakhya Temple, Assam, Guwahati, Kangra and Himachal Pradesh.

Maa Bagalamukhi Beej Mantra

“Om Hireem Sarva Dusthaanaam Vaacham Mukham Paadam stambhaya jihvyam kilaya buddhim vinaashaya Hireem Om Swaha”

Maa Baglamukhi Mantra benefits:

Reciting the Maa Bagalamukhi Moola Mantra is said to offer a range of benefits and it creates a protective shield around the devotees. Chanting the Baglamukhi Mata Mantra offers victory over enemies, helps to resolve problems related to finance (loss in business, debts, no increment). It helps the ones who are preparing for competitive exams and protects from evil and evil eye. If a devotee chants or meditates on Maa Baglamukhi Mantra with devotion then the fear of enemies is removed, one gets confident and faces challenges instead or running from it.

Maa Bagalamukhi Mantra for Success

“Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shri Bagalanane Mam Ripoon Naashay Naashay Mamaishwaryaani Dehi Dehi SHeeghram Manovanchhitam Saadhay Saadhay Hreeng Swaahaa”

Maa Bagalamukhi Kavacham

hiro may Bagla patu hriday may kakch ri para || Om hreem om may lalate ch Bagla vairi nashinee [1]

Gada hastaa sadaa paatu mukham may moksha daayinee || Vairi jihwaadharam paatu kantham may Baglamukhi [2]

Udaram nabhidesham ch paatunityam paraatparaa || paraat partaraa paatu mamguhayam sureshwaree [3]

Hastau chaiv tatha paadau Paarvatee paripaatumay || Vivaaday vishmay ghoray sangramay ripu sankatay [4]

Peetambardharaa paatu sarvangay Shivnartakee || Shrividya samayaa paatu maatangee puritashivaa [5]

Paatu putram sutam chaiv kalatram Kaalikaa mam || Paatu nityam bhraatram may pitram shoolinee sadaa [6]

Randhrey hi baglaa devyaah kavacham manmukhoditam || Naiv deyam mukhyaaya sarvasiddhi paradaayakam [7]

Pathnaadhaarnaa dasya poojana dwanchitah labhet || Idam kavacham gyatvaa yo japed Baglamukhem [8]

Pibati shonitam tasya yoginayah praapya saadaraah || Vashye chaakarshanay chaiv maarnay mohanay tathaa [9]

Mahaabhaye vipattau ch pathedwa paathyettu yah || tasya sarvaarth siddhih syaad bhakti yuktasya Paarvati [10]

Iti Shri Rudrayaamalay baglamukhee kavacham Sampoornam.

Maa Bagalamukhi