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What Is Baglamukhi Known For?

Bagalamukhi is commonly known as Pitambari in North India, the goddess associated with yellow color or golden color. She sits on golden throne having pillars decorated with various jewels and has three eyes, that symbolises that she can impart ultimate knowledge to the devotee.

What Are The Benefits Of Bagalamukhi Homam?

Baglamukhi homa is ideal for winning court cases and bring success in interviews. It ravages the pessimistic environment around you. Your career will be upgraded and business will flourish with enormous profits. Your assets will stay intact and you can get her blessings to increase your assets.

Which God Is Baglamukhi?

Goddess Baglamukhi, one of the most worshipped goddess in tantric or shakti cult is the incarnation of Goddess “Parvati”. Generally Devi Parvati is popular as the daughter of Himalaya and consort of Hindu God Shiva.

What Is The Power Of Baglamukhi?

Goddess Bagalamukhi is the superpower, which annihilates all the evil energies. Maa Baglamukhi is believed to have ultimate powers that remove all problems and sins and ensure victory and valor in the life of devotees.

What Are Baglamukhi Secrets?

Bagalamukhi is also the goddess of opposites, she is the secret presence of the opposites wherein each thing is dissolved back into its un-manifest state. The represents knowledge that everything has it’s opposite hidden inside and time will turn things the other way around.

Why Do People Worship Baglamukhi?

Baglamukhi or Bagala is an important deity among the ten Mahavidyas worshipped with great devotion in Hinduism. The ultimate benefit of worshipping Baglamukhi clears the illusions and confusions of the devotees and gives them a clear path to proceed in life.

Why Is Baglamukhi Yellow?

It is said that yellow is the favourite colour of the goddess which is why the temple has been painted yellow in colour. All the worshippers of the Goddess wear yellow coloured clothes, and yellow sweets are offered to the deity. Many festivals are celebrated in the temple including Navratri for 9 days.

Maa Baglamukhi Pujan

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