Acharya Yogesh Sharma Ji

Sh. Acharya Yogesh Sharma Ji

Acharya Yogesh Sharma is a renowned ascetic, Baglamukhi Sadhak, Hindu philosopher, preacher, and environmentalist spiritual leader. He is a post-graduate in Sanskrit and has dedicated his life to sharing the eternal wisdom of Sanatan Dharma through Tantra Sadhna.

As the founder of the Baglaarpanam Trust, he has been instrumental in establishing initiatives to create a Hindu rastra of Indian Hindu culture. He believes in the motto “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” (the whole world is one family), which shows clearly in his goals to establish humanity, create a world of peace, love, compassion, brotherhood, and awaken spirituality.

Shri Acharya Yogesh Sharma has led the path of devotion through Tantra/Sadhna, Tirtha Yatras, and Anushthans. His life and work have been and continue to be a divine Yagya (offering), an embodiment of the combination of Gyan (knowledge), Bhakti (devotion), and Karma (actions/duty).

In addition to his spiritual pursuits, Shri Acharya Yogesh Sharma is also an environmentalist and believes in the importance of preserving and protecting nature. He has actively worked towards raising awareness about environmental issues and has taken several steps to promote sustainable living practices.

With his vast knowledge and experience in Sanatan Dharma, Shri Acharya Yogesh Sharma has become a highly respected figure in the spiritual community. He continues to inspire and guide people towards the path of spirituality, enlightenment, and self-realization.

Sh. Acharya Yogesh Sharma ji, a revered priest of Maa Baglamukhi Mandir in Nalkheda, carries the profound wisdom and spiritual expertise to guide you on your spiritual journey. With his deep knowledge of the sacred rituals and traditions, Sh. Acharya Yogesh Sharma ji offers his services to help you connect with the divine energy of Maa Baglamukhi. Whether you seek solace, solutions to life’s challenges, or spiritual upliftment, Sh. Acharya Yogesh Sharma ji provides authentic and personalized puja services to cater to your spiritual needs. Trust in his divine guidance and experience the transformative power of Maa Baglamukhi’s blessings in your life.

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